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Yoga Adjusts & Assists

With Maureen Miller E-RYT 500

A workshop for yoga teachers and current Yoga NH TT Program students to practice adjusts/assists with other teachers/teachers-in-training. Learn how to be with a student on their journey by meeting them where they are at, offering hands on adjustments or verbal assistance guiding students in the ‘direction’ of the pose based on their expression of the pose. We will examine up to 5 postures (reviewing adjusts/assists); practice giving adjusts/assist; receive adjusts/assists (feeling them in your body), group discussion, and time for questions.

Teachers and students who have taken this workshop have stated that it should be mandatory for all teachers,as well as students in a teacher training program, because the workshop contributed to significantly increasing their confidence with providing safe adjustments/assists to students in their yoga classes.  See testimonials below.


What is an adjustment: Helping a student toward correct alignment.

What is an assist: Helping someone into a deeper expression.

2018 Dates

held at Yoga NH Studio, Concord, NH:  6:30-8:45
March 5, 2018, Monday – $35 – space is limited to 10 students

held at Yoga NH Studio, Concord, NH: 6:30-8:45
April 23, 2018, Monday – $35 – space is limited to 10 students

held at Banyan Tree Yoga, Nashua, NH, from 1:00-3:30pm
April 28th, 2018, Saturday  – $35 – space is limited to 10 students

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Testimonials for the Adjust/Assist Workshop:
I have been looking forward to Maureen’s Yoga NH Adjust/Assist Workshop for a long time. As a yoga instructor and Yoga NH 200-hour training program graduate,  I have been teaching yoga for 3 years, both private sessions and group lessons. I have realized how important it is to meet the students where they are, to be able to help them toward correct alignment and avoid injury. Maureen told us to be aware of what you feel and sense when you touch the students, and then use the sound of the breath and breathe with a student to connect. Maureen chose 5 basic yoga poses as examples and showed us various hands-on adjustments. We all got to practice them with other fellow students multiple times as well. 
The energy level of the workshop was amazing. Everyone was open,  caring and supportive. Maureen was such a genuine teacher and I have learned so much and become more confident. I would recommend all yoga teachers, new or experienced, take Maureen’s Adjust/Assist Workshop regularly. It is a great way to Gain a greater depth of understanding of both the purpose of and how to adjust yoga postures and to better serve the students on their yoga practice journey.  Jenny Wan

The Adjust and Assist Workshop integrated many of the elements that we have learned over the course of our training— variations of a pose, possible adjustments, and ways to deepen a pose. The distinct differences between this workshop and regular training are the focus, class size, and intimate atmosphere. A small number of student pairs means that everyone has the opportunity to give and experience the adjustments and assists, building confidence and teaching how correct adjusts and assists should feel. The small class size makes for an intimate and safe space to ask questions, and allows processing to be sincere and positive, while still constructive. The mix of students from all three Yoga NH locations creates a richer experience, and deepens the connections between the students in different groups. Sarah Merrigan Paratore


The hours attending this class/workshop may be used toward the Yoga NH Teacher Training Program or for CEUs, if you are an RYT with Yoga Alliance.

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