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Vision Board Workshop

*DIGITAL* Vision Board Workshop
with Maureen Miller

Two options: Saturday, September 30 from 10:30am-1:30pm at Living Yoga, Concord, NH
online: Tuesday, October 3rd from 7:00-9:00pm


Maureen Miller - Yoga NH

The 3-hour workshop includes: meditation, information on manifestation, the process of creating your Vision Board, and what to do once you and your board go back home! I will teach you how to do a digital vision board (rather than poster board or cork board), so that the VB can be modified as your goals become more clear and because it’s easier to find what you want online when looking for photos or affirmations/quotes/phrases. Also, one-time 3-hour session may not be enough time for you to complete your board and/or you will decide how to transform your board as your dreams and goals become reality. There is the likelihood that many of you will complete the VB the night of the workshop, just be open to it either way.)
This Vision Board process can create significant transformation in your life. Isn’t it time you said YES to making your dreams come true?!

Why create a VB? One or more reasons may be listed below:
Physical well-being: Increase your physical health.
Emotional well-being: Increase happiness and positivity in your life.
Mental well-being: Go with the flow, Trust your intuition.
Spiritual well-being: Discover what feeds your soul
Relationships: Create and/or enhance the relationships you value for your life.
Career/work life: What would you be doing if you were working in your zone of genius?
Financial abundance: Create the financial situation you want for your life!
Community: What do you want to do to help or support others?
Social life: What do you want to do for fun? Where do you want to travel?

Your Vision Board may be an overall goal setting board or a theme board (new home, new job, places you want to travel – just to name a few). And you may be called to attend the workshop, but have NO IDEA what would be on your board and that’s perfect. Please come and trust the process because your board can begin by being an Inspiration Board until you become more clear. This workshop will definitely help with clarifying your goals & vision.

Investment: $30, if paid by 9/1; $35 after that
Bring your phone, ipad or tablet, or your laptop!

The cost includes a one-hour ZOOM/online call about 3 weeks after the workshop
as well as access to a private Facebook page where we can share our thoughts and our success
as we begin to manifest what is on our boards!

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