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Take Care of YOU!


Maureen will be leading monthly, 3-hour  “TAKE CARE OF YOU” sessions. These sessions are intended for you to get away from your electronics, your day-to-day commitments, your stressors, your to do list – and take time for yourself. Everyone I know is busy with work and volunteer commitments, children’s activities, errands, caring for family/friends who are not well, etc. When I was growing up, Sundays were considered ‘a day of rest’. I would like to encourage us to get back to that – a day  (these are scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays) where we recharge, rest, relax and let go of commitments that keep us going, going, going! Sign up by yourself or bring a friend, or your Mom/Dad, or your daughter/son, or anyone who you know could benefit from ‘getting away from it all’.



Guideline for each session:

  • 30 minutes: welcome, centering, connection & community, inspirational reading related to the theme/focus
  • 60 minutes: a blissful yoga class including mindful yoga, restorative yoga poses, reiki and aromatherapy
  • 45 minutes: this time will depend on the focus for and may include an activity and/or technique (pranayama, mudra, meditation), and reflection & journaling
  • 45 minutes: Guided Meditation/Yoga Nidra

Upcoming dates:
– January 27th, Saturday, from 10am-1pm; focus: New Year Intentions
– February 24th, Saturday, from 10am-1pm; focus: The Heart Chakra
– March 25th, Sunday, from 11am-2pm; Everything is Energy!
– April 29th, Sunday, from 11am-2pm; Trusting Your Intuition
– May 19th, Saturday, from 1-4pm; Mindfulness & Being Present

Investment in YOU: $55 early bird; $60 after that
sign up here!
Space is limited to 12 students per session.


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