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New and Full Moon Schedule

The full moon is a time of manifestation and clarity…a time to take action on your high priority goals and dreams.

The new moon is a time of reflection and contemplation … and using that information to revise current intentions or set new intentions that reflect your vision for your life.

Paying attention to the cycles of the moon can have a profound effect on your life.

Scheduled based on the NASA calendar!

Thank you to Julie Francis for the beautiful moon photo!

Full Moon
things come to conclusion
assess manifestations
creative flow
New Moon
new beginnings
setting intentions
rest before the next ‘cycle’
go inward
1/31, Wednesday
3/1, Thursday
3/31, Saturday
4/29, Sunday
5/29, Tuesday
6/28, Thursday
7/27, Friday
8/26, Sunday
9/24, Monday
10/24, Wednesday
11/23, Friday
12/22, Saturday
2/15, Thursday
3/17, Saturday
4/15, Sunday
5/15, Tuesday
6/13, Wednesday
7/12, Thursday
8/11, Saturday
9/9, Sunday
10/8, Monday
11/7, Wednesday
12/7, Friday


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