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The 2-hour Master Classes will be held on Saturdays from 10:30am-12:30pm at Living Yoga in Concord.  Though there isn’t a specific Pranayama and Meditation/Chanting class, we will incorporate those practices in all the classes.

The intention for the classes is to lead topics in a way that is educational and experiential for all students practicing at Living Yoga, in the Yoga NH program, or those considering the Yoga NH program, in particular the sessions would benefit:

  • Living Yoga Students: to learn more about a topic of interest
  • Yoga NH Teacher Training (TT) Program students or graduates: additional time on subject matters of interest
  • For students considering the Yoga NH TT Program: learn more about certain yoga techniques and practices and meet/learn from facilitators of the program.  (If you are considering the Yoga NH TT Program, this can be one way to determine if the program resonates for you before signing up.)
Date Topic who leads
October 14th Restorative Yoga Maureen
November 18 Yin Yoga Marla
January 13 Chakras Maureen
February 17 Strength/Arm Balances Marla
April 14 Inversions Marla & Maureen

To sign up for sessions with Maureen:
Early bird, $25 – at least one month prior to the session date.
Regular price, $30 – if the sign up date is within 30 days of the event.

To sign up for sessions with Marla, please email her at:

Thank you!


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