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Deepen Your Practice

The 90 minute Deepen Your Practice (DYP) Classes will be held on stated Saturdays and Sundays at the Yoga NH Studio in Concord.

What does it mean to deepen your practice? In the Yoga practice there are levels of our ‘being’ called the koshas (energetic layers). Each kosha has a connection with our body, mind, emotions & spirit and each kosha has practices related to it that assist us to attain access to deeper levels of our being – getting more connected to our spirit, our soul. The DYP classes below are intended to take us through a journey of the chakras over a period of 7 months. Although the chakras are primarily associated with Pranamaya Kosha, we can also notice a connection between the chakras, koshas, and the elements, so in any given week we will discuss all of the topics noted below even though the kosha noted may not be specifically related to the stated chakra. Our intention for the classes is to lead the material in a way that is educational and experiential for all students, whether you are practicing at Yoga NH Studio or if you are in the Yoga NH Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Program (these classes are eligible for ‘other hours’ in the YTT program). The classes are open to students of all levels, except those new to the practice and concepts of Yoga.



March 17th, Saturday from 10:30am-12:00pm: Restorative Yoga-Yoga Nidra/5th Chakra – Spirit Element/Pranamaya Kosha

April 15th, Sunday from 10:30am-12:00pm: Mudra and Meditation/6th and 7th Chakra – no element/Manomaya Kosha

To sign up: use your class pass or drop in for $15

previous DYP classes held:

Grounding/1st Chakra – Earth Element/Annamaya Kosha
Flow/2nd Chakra – Water Element/Pranamaya Kosha
Strength/3rd Chakra – Fire Element/Pranayama Kosha
Heart-Centered 4th Chakra – Air Element/Pranamaya Kosha


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