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Do you want to live with intention and discover what feeds your soul?

Are you stressed, worried or overwhelmed?  Are you experiencing anxiety?

You may be seeking balance due to a challenge in your life, a decision you need to make, a specific concern with your health, or something going on in your business/career – it does not matter where we begin because your life, health, and career/business are integrated aspects of your life and we will ultimately discuss every aspect of who you are and what you do.

As your life/health/business coach it is my intention to be with you on your journey as you investigate choices that brought you to where you are today, as you examine options toward change, and while you make choices to break through current challenges.

I also lead workshops and e-courses for folks who want to learn more about integrating the body, mind and spirit because when we find balance in all areas of our lives and living in alignment with our core values, we can live an authentic life filled with intention and purpose.  Email me today to schedule a 15-minute call to determine if coaching will serve your needs/goals.

Investment: $75 for a 60-minute session.
If you schedule more than one session at a time, the cost will reduce to $70 per session.

Testimonial from Jenni S: My coaching experience with Maureen was not only insightful, it was truly life changing. Her enthusiasm and generous spirit are an invaluable example of how life will express itself joyfully and uninhibited when we recognize it, and just allow it to be. Her energy seems endless, and it is my impression that this is due to her deep and open connection to the Source of all Life. With her vibrant example and her focused intent, she provides an unparalleled feeling of unconditional support and showed me ways to open my own heart to experience this exhilarating flow first hand. Maureen is a true gift to the world. totally committed to helping improve your life by keeping you focused and accountable, yet providing an unbiased point of view. She helped me find a clear vision of where I was, where I wanted to go, and how to get there.

Life Coaching details:
Examining life choices, learning to trust your intuition

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that.
Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.  ~Howard Thurman

During coaching sessions with Maureen (in person or via telephone or Skype/Zoom) you will explore various aspects of your life to work toward  finding balance in all areas of your life with the intention to live in alignment with your core values and to live a life filled with intention and purpose.  You will be guided to investigate decisions that brought you to where you are today and as you examine options and make choices to break through current challenges.  Coaching sessions may include conversations about:

·         Your social life – having fun
·         Your relationship – cultivating connection
·         Your financial life – living abundantly
·         Your relationships – living in community
·         Your personal and spiritual development – continuing to learn and grow
·         Your health –  integrating body, mind & spirit
·         Your career/business – finding work that is authentic to who you are and what you want to bring to your family, your life, your community, your world

15 Simple Tips to Balance Body, Mind & Spirit ~ via MindBodyGreen


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